Sunday, October 25, 2020

Breaking ground on the shed, local trips so we don't go insane, building a new printer and voting!


Things that happened this week:

One of my bracelets was acquired as part of the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt.  I did an interview to go along with the work.  I also have posted two brooches for sale on my site if anyone wants or can't live without an Arthur Hash brooch

I dug out and leveled an area for our new shed near our newly built party platform.  Unfortunately, we are in a little bit of a holding pattern. There is a serious shortage of wood! I am kind of blown away. We had to make a special order to be delivered to the house via a flatbed. We also can't even get screws to finish the decking. The deck is only %70 screwed down! I am a little worried about warpage in the cold. 

The state is requiring everyone to get tested for COVID so signed up and did a drive through test.  It took about twenty minutes and was very organized.  Kudos to all the people who are working the lines (seriously awesome, thank you). I think they touched my brain with the q-tip! Hah!

I bought and assembled a new FDM printer an Ender 3 v2 (so far so good.) It took about an hour to put together and after a few minor adjustments it seems to be printing like a dream.  I have a few complaints/concerns but they are VERY minor for a $260!):

  • You have to transfer files from your computer via a micro SD card. In and out, in and out, in and out.  I am pretty sure over time that something is going to break. I maybe I haven't found it yet but I wish there was a direct link to the machine via USB or bluetooth or something. 
  • It is VERY quiet, almost too quiet.  As in I sometimes I forget it is running then them reach across the desk bumping into it ruining a long print. 
  • It has a heated build platform which helps with bed adhesion. I have not had a problem with the part not sticking to the build platform...yet (I guess that is a thing from what I have read online). 
  • I have not yet really tested the machine. It used the Ultimaker slicing software which seem super robust and easy to use. I have no idea what the supports look like so I am going to do a large complex print tonight and see how it does. I am going to start with a large flat part to see if the part pulls off the bed. 
Oh yeah and we voted!

I hope everyone is doing well out there! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

New covid mask

I am working on a new covid mask.  I have managed to grab a quick simple 3D scan of my face to boolean out the mesh for an almost perfect fit. I am will affix cloth to the inside of the mask once I get it just right. So far it fist like a glove but I need to reposition the lugs for straps.  So far so good. I think I might do a me mask after this one (as in process the mask for someone to wear my face on their face. 


Saturday, October 3, 2020

More adventures!

I am grateful everyday for everything I have. I often catch myself everyday complaining about something stupid. I always think about how it could be worse and honestly it instantly shuts me up. I am lucky that Liz and I have our health and that we both have jobs. That being said, I have been trying to frame everything in that light. Sometimes it is hard to recalibrate when some crazy thing overwhelms you and you just want to crawl into a ball (I am thinking about the debates, I am thinking about not doing more to support BLM or activating locally, or just doing more in general). I have come to the conclusion that perhaps my projects could be providing me a distraction from these things and have very much become "craft therapy" Is that bad? I feel very privileged for even having a chance to fail. 

So here has been what I have been up to:
  • Fingerprint wedding bands (one finger print on one ring and one finger print on the other) White gold and Yellow gold
  • ACLU fundraising earrings (you can buy them through my instagram shop or my website)
  • We went camping!!! It was AWESOME. Fall is for sure here and while it was only for two days we had a blast
  • I have been working on new 3D printed Covid masks


Monday, September 21, 2020

wash station part 2 and new mouse.

So the wash station seems to be doing a great job of processing the prints. Unfortunately I am just having some issues with my printer now. Theses test skulls printed really well but then when I went to print something else it all went to shit (story for another post).  I am seriously thinking about buying a new machine. I haven't given up on it yet, I am sure it is just a couple settings that I have wrong. From what I can tell it LOVES small organic detailed objects but if you try and print a smooth geometric objects like for example a small box it really shits the bed.  So for me with all of these zbrush rings it will print these things all day no problem.  I got a commission that I am struggling with because it just wont print it. 

So in short order below, here are the things I did this week:

I have not yet hooked up the laser cutter so I have been experimenting with the FDM machine.  I made a playing card holder. I use these plastic cards to dredge the tray on the resin printer and I needed to make something were I can grab one card with gloves on.  Also I made a branding stamp, which sort of worked.  I think it needs some help.  I might glue some felt to it? 

We are also starting a new house project this week. We are building a deck.  We have a small concrete pad near the house. It is about big enough for two people and a bucket.  So we decided that we would build a nice deck off the side of the garage. The grass doesn't grow in this part of the yard so I am happy to cover it all up!

Liz and I have been having some adventures every weekend. This weekend we went to our favorite farm to do some good old apple picking.  

I also had to replace a printer cable ribbon on the solidscape at work.  Not my favorite thing for sure but it solved our short in our print head. The company walked me through it. I am convinced that these things were never meant for adult hands to fit into.  Lots of tweezers and poking around to get the cable fished through the back of the machine.  Ugh. It is almost like they never expect these things to break. 

I bought a new mouse to help with some recent wrist pain. I will have to report back to see if it is working. It is vertical so in theory at the very least if should cause some muscle confusion. 

We have continued our baking adventures and made some KILLER focaccia. I can't take any of the credit it was all Liz this time. It is so unbelievably good!! I have to stop myself from eating all of it.

I can't bring myself to think about how shitty things are this year. RBG dying was a kick in the nuts, while we were all already down and out. I am seriously full on yelling at the news now. I often have to just turn it off. I feel oh so incredibly lucky that my circumstances have sheltered me from most of what is happening in the world. Very soon I hope to contribute more by donating proceeds from my CAD workshops and starting a sale soon.  Part of creating the stamp was to try and make some custom boxes to do some fundraising.  More on that soon.