Saturday, April 29, 2017

So many things happening. I thought I would just put it all in one post.  It has been almost impossible to sit down and write a post here.  I have been better about posting images to instagram.

I have been digging deep and working.  Focusing on classes.  In my spare time.....(crickets) I have been trying to practice stone setting with my new microscope set up (old setup and new setup below), brushing up on Zbrush (surface patterning with our ASIGA 3D printers), TIG welding copper, Grasshopper definitions and fooling around with other software.  

The RISD metals BFA show and the Graduate metals Triennial show went up.  

IMG_9020 2

IMG_9165 2

IMG_9288 2


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Imagine Peace now

Liz and I just got back from The Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston is currently exhibiting Imagine Peace Now!  If you are in the area you should go. It is an impressive who's who of metal artists.  Their new space is also down by the water which a great are of Boston to visit. Congrats to Boris Bally for putting together this amazing collection of work.