Saturday, November 12, 2016

After trying to shop this around for a while I finally decided to just sell the file. I couldn't make it for less than $25 before shipping. I cannot convince myself that it is worth that much. So now you can download the design and cut it yourself if you have access to a laser or just print it out on paper and cut it out.

Monday, November 7, 2016

rings and things

In an effort to overlap studio research with in class demonstrations I have been trying to perfect the model/print/cast work flow by making a few rings and things. I should have a few prints off the machine tonight to present to my class on Wednesday.  Squeezing in studio time has been hard. 

I have been bad about posting to the blog but I hope to get more stuff up here soon. I really want to get this down but burnout times and print material has been tricky.  I am printing in a "castable" material on the ASIGA printers.  I say "castable" because it has been kind of a crap shoot.  You have to vacuum the flask before pouring otherwise you get horrible pitting.  Larger chunky items seem to cast not problem.  Smaller, more detailed items seem to have pitting and surface texturing.  

If anyone has some advice I would love to hear it. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I went to an auction the other day.  It was kind of intense.  They were selling everything!  The company manufactured lockets.  They were apparently the largest manufacturer of lockets in the world. From the size of the place and the number of machines they had I am not surprised.  

It was fascinating to see the kick-press stations set up to make an object. The first, presses the metal. The second punches the metal.  The third bends the metal and so on.  

I was also kind of sad.  They are seriously downsizing.  It was almost like going to the pound and seeing all the animals in their cages.  There was a guy who bought probably 100 kick-presses just to dismantle them for the legs.  Apparently in NYC people pay top dollar for a side boy with cast iron legs.  The top just gets scraped.  

If I had a larger studio I probably would have tried to bid on the bridgeports, southbend lathes or screwpresses they had.  Also I would have needed a truck and a forklift.