Saturday, July 16, 2016

summer and other things

It is summer and I am already thinking about next semester. I still want to do a spoon forging demo but possibly a little smaller in scale. Liz and I have been going through our family silver, finding some really great pieces. I especially like the tiffany handles and the Gorham (there is a good chance that some of this was made here in Providence).  

Realizing that none of these were forged or engraved by hand they still have amazing detail! I am entranced by the little landing pads for monograms and the shoulders and drops where the stems meet the bowls. There is a little face on the back of one of the spoons which totally trips me out.  

I also got my makers mark back from buckeye engraving. I am super happy with it. Now I just need to make some work to stamp! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

All done....ish

The white resin components are going to be cast in sterling silver. I bought a personal stash of printable wax material for the ASIGA printers. I have to go on vacation first!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer. Blah blah things

Keeping up with the blog has been a chore lately.  Life has been so busy.

So just a few things here. First, the badges came back from the caster. They are good but I think the stamp will be better. I cleaned them up a bit just to see what they will look like if and when I solder them on to the back of a brooch or the bottom of a ring. 

Liz and I have been trying to find the time to go to the beach here in Rhode Island but with her big show looming we have only been once. I had to make a quick trip home on the train to help out my Mom and to get some much needed Zbrush tutorials from my brother. Thanks bro.

While I was there I made pastrami and pickled mustard seeds. Sorry no photos of the sandwiches. They went fast. I also had a chance to fire up the family pizza oven. It was kind of awesome! It took about three hours to get it hot enough to cook anything.  Then it took all night to cool off. I could have made breakfast in the morning if I wanted to. 

Liz and I have been working on our pieces for the Imagine Peace Now show sponsored by Boris Bally.  

I ordered a flower cutter off of Etsy for Liz. She refuses to use it but I think it works well. 

We are off to Rehoboth beach Delaware for Liz's show soon. 

There is a lot to do back at work.  I am trying to force myself to take a break hence the infrequent blogging.  So many exciting things I would like to do.  We have new 3D printers, a new surgical grade TIG welder, new computers.  So many things, so little time. 

Also we need to find a new studio this summer.  Liz is growing out of our attic studio space.  



Friday, May 20, 2016

Bracelet and prepping prints for branding

Missing my SNAG buddies but it is proving to be a productive end of the semester.  I am comparing prints versus CNC milled items.  We have two more weeks left!  So much to do.