Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guns and Wolves!! (Cai Guo-Qiang, Head On, 2006)

Just thought this was cool. I have been playing with my patterns to create custom brushes in illustrator and its a lot of fun. For some reason these wolves reminded me of this process. Don't worry they are fake. I thought the same thing. But oddly enough there was a comment on wolves in sheep's clothing being that they are made of sheep skins
The wolves were produced in Quanzhou, China, from January to June of 2006. The commissioned local workshop in Cai’s hometown specializes in manufacturing remarkable, life-sized replicas of animals. First, small clay models were created as movement studies, out of which Cai subsequently developed Head On’s artist editions of cast resin wolves. However, the realistic and lifelike 99 wolves that grew out of these models and drawings possess no literal remnants of wolves: they are fabricated from painted sheepskins and stuffed with hay and metal wires, with plastic lending contour to their faces and marbles for eyes.

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