Thursday, January 24, 2008


so I thought this would be funny to go with the beards. Its kind of fun. I don't know maybe if anyone out there has any suggestions? I think it needs to be smaller and I might try a rope chain tonight to see if it will actually translate better. It kind of looks like a bike chain to me. Also I don't know if I am ripping anyone off or not. I thought the beard thing might be close to someone else's work that I discovered after making them. I am going to still roll with them because I don't really consider it an actual piece, just something fun that I had to try. Anyhoo.... arthur

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  1. arthur,

    I think you should look at some vintage rap album covers or make friends with someone in the mafia. They are stickers but what if they were like reusable sticky latex? Then the fun could go on and on.

    Also, I don't know how to change the comments. I can't even do it to my own. All I can do is delete. I don't think you can modify comments. Blogger takes suggestions...