Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jantze Brogard Asshoff =trashcan

It is now day two in New Paltz. Right before I left Richmond Liz's transmission went out on her Mazda Tribute (cha-ching!). Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got here in my Jeep my transmission went out(CHA-CHING!!). I may have a fund raiser where I have folks beat my car with a baseball bat. With the money I am going to buy a scooter.
I am getting REALLY busy with the semester about to start but I will try and keep up with postings.

Somehow this trashcan [via] Jantze Brogard Asshoff symbolized all of my feelings about my house before we left Richmond. Its such great idea

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  1. Hi, I quite enjoy your work. I found some pictures of it through google when I typed in my name. I was very surprised to find out that I have the exact same name as someone else and I thought you might be as well. Anyway, your stuff rocks.