Saturday, September 19, 2009

working working working

Just thought I would keep everyone in the loop. I am experimenting with the laser cutter a bit. These are prototypes for SOFA. They are made from upcycled copper (left over copper flashing) I paint the sheet and laser etch the paint off, cut them out and fold them up. The final designs are being tweaked and will probably be a bit more complicated. I am having some problems with the pin back as well as size etc. the interior will have a flat sheet of pattern so you wont see the copper on the inside. I am also throwing in a video of the laser in action. It is kind of random how the laser chooses which lines to "etch" first. Whacky machine. Tell me what you think.

test brooch

test pieces


  1. very nice that you document your process.

    Hey I'm not positive but I think the laser cutter decides where to cut based on the order the control points were created in illustrator, or what ever vector software you use. This is not intuitive however because vector softwares uses nested numbering when copy/pasting, adding, deleting etc. But, I've also heard that the laser jumps around a lot to prevent any one area from overheating - I'm not sure though, that was for a small fabric cutter where maybe it was easy to burn the material.