Monday, May 24, 2010

potter press review

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So I just got my new press in the mail today. It is a sweet little machine. I had been cutting out dies on the laser and been dying to press some more metal!! For the money this is WELL worth it. It is a smaller 12 ton press so it has a smaller capacity. The max opening is 4" x 5" it doesn't have the deeper pressing capability of a larger press but again for the money.... The frame is made from 1/2" laser cut steel and the platters are milled smooth. It comes with a 2.25 pusher that sets in the top via a set screw. Everything is smooth and required no clean up. I think I might alter the handle to make it longer to get more leverage. All in all I am very happy. I am going to try and get a couple for the basic studio. Kevin Potter also makes stakes etc. You should check out his site here:


  1. Hi Arthur,

    Nice new toy. What gage of copper are you pressing? My sawing arm will try not to be envious every time you refer to your laser.

  2. 24 gauge. I am enameling them so I am trying to stay thin. Yeah too bad our laser wont cut metal. Only plexi. BTW where the hell did you find pink tool dip!? It looks great!