Monday, November 7, 2016

rings and things

In an effort to overlap studio research with in class demonstrations I have been trying to perfect the model/print/cast work flow by making a few rings and things. I should have a few prints off the machine tonight to present to my class on Wednesday.  Squeezing in studio time has been hard. 

I have been bad about posting to the blog but I hope to get more stuff up here soon. I really want to get this down but burnout times and print material has been tricky.  I am printing in a "castable" material on the ASIGA printers.  I say "castable" because it has been kind of a crap shoot.  You have to vacuum the flask before pouring otherwise you get horrible pitting.  Larger chunky items seem to cast not problem.  Smaller, more detailed items seem to have pitting and surface texturing.  

If anyone has some advice I would love to hear it. 


  1. I would gladly purchase one of the dark red rings if you made them available. Get at me! - Bret Payne

  2. Bret! Hey buddy! Two things. One the red color is the color of the cast-able material so it is not wearable. As in, it shatters and is super brittle. I am using this ring to test out our casting setup. I would love to eventually put these into production but I would have to order more stones. This crazy hematite stone is a "borrowed" stone for the sake of my class demo. I will eventually order more stones. Just out of curiosity what size ring are you looking for? Perhaps I could get these made before the holiday.