Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cut out jewelry

Cut out jewelry, originally uploaded by arthur hash.

I started using some chip board in my vinyl cutter. Might have to invest in some new blades. I have to do a lot of the cutting by hand. Might be nice as a punch out jewelry piece. Maybe with a poly coating? hmmmm. Flocking? dunno. Maybe I will try some plastic sheeting soon.

sienna gallery

Got picked up by the sienna gallery a while back and they have been posting a lot of my work on their website. Thought this was a great shot with the moss brooch.

They have a lot of GREAT artists that have a lot of GREAT work on the website. I also really like the design of the site. It made me think how my site is way too busy.... Go check it out. -Arthur

bizarre market

bizarre market, originally uploaded by arthur hash.

just did the Bizarre market yesterday and got a wicked sunburn. Made a couple of bucks and also met a bunch of really cool people. I think I am going to do the holiday sale. I hope I have some new work by then. -arthur