Saturday, December 6, 2014

So much crazy stuff

This semester has been bonkers. I am ready for a break. On top of teaching casting (which I had to dust off some serious cobwebs for), moving to Boone, setting up our studio, teaching two sections of 3D foundations, multiple visiting artist lectures, one commission, juring an exhibition, having work in six exhibitions and doing three interviews I am beat. 

I am just going to post photos. 

So much stuff happened/is happening. It has been hard but it has been great!  I can't complain.  While stressful, life has never been better.  I love being the one to make the decisions in metals, both the good and the bad.  It has been a huge learning lesson with a lot of stuff.  Most of the repairs to the studio will be done soon which, fingers crossed will allow me some time to to sit down and re-vamp the metals curriculum here.  

If you are around Asheville NC, you should come visit Liz and I at Mora we will be selling some sweet jewelry for a local jeweler's holiday takeover.  I hope to eek out a few pieces for that AND get work in the mail to some of my other galleries. 

So until I get a minute to sit down and really write something I am going to post images of some of the things I have been doing this week (besides recovering from a horrible cold). This includes burnout tests with the makerbot and zbrush models, more enameled work, a little cabinetry for the studio, a recent pre-1820's Peter Wright anvil acquisition, new bracelets,casting casting casting and more!  Enjoy.