Thursday, October 25, 2007

Richmond Craft Mafia

Dude if you live in Richmond and you are interested in selling your handmade awesomeness go hereThe Richmond Craft Mafia. They have a lot of good info on what is happening in the tri-state area (shows, craft fairs, business solutions, etc etc etc) check em out. They are having a holidaze sale(see info above). Even if you are not selling you can go buy some righteous x-mas gifts for the fam or your loved ones. Their slogan is "Rubbin' out the mass produced". They also had a booth at the Bizzare market at Chop Suey Books (a local used book store here in town).

Arthur Hash (my work)

I found this slide show maker that uses your flickr photo stream. click here:Slide00 It works pretty well and you can post a slide show straight to your blog.