Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I am frantically working on displays for ACC.   I am getting really excited. I am trying to make it all fold up and portable so break down will be a snap.  I hate having to wait in that long ass line.  It is always goes around the block and takes all night.  Since we are staying across the street I thought we could just walk it over.  Of course we are on the very end this year so we will be the last to leave anyway.  Oh ACC Baltimore, you are a blessing and a curse.

There is going to be a long table that will have piano hinges so the legs will fold in and a large accordion background that folds up, zig zag style.  I thought it was going well but Liz just said it reminds her of a tiki bar and now that is all I see. I think I will have to paint it blue or pink or something. It is driving me nuts.  (a pirate walks into a bar and orders a rum.  The bartender says "Whats with the captain's wheel in your pants?" the Pirate says "Arggggg its driving me nuts!" )