Tuesday, November 5, 2013

knife research Part ONE

Sooooooo coming off making two cutting boards for friends I have decided to do a limited run of knives.  

On with the research.  

Sometime last year I thought it would be great to make a couple of knives.  I ordered some knife steel and quickly realized..... that I didn't have the right tools to make what I wanted.  I burned up bits,  I snapped sanding belts and melted few things.  Plan B, fast forward to today.  I thought I would laser cut the metal and then all I would have to do it put on an edge and maybe make a handle?

So a little research.  First, I found this website that was incredibly informative.  This website made me realize that I was missing some of the vocabulary and design elements that would be necessary to even attempt making a a knife.  

I have a lot of experience with knives.  Ever since I was a teenager I have always had a knife on me or near me.  It all started with the swiss army knife then later a folding spyderco, then a gerber, saber on and on and on.  When I was older, working on two houses and having a full time job teaching studio classes  I was actually detained at an airport because I forgot to leave my knife at home.  I also love cooking and using knives in the kitchen.  De-boning turkeys, chickens and roasts.  Cutting Soba noodles.  

I have started designing a few things in Rhino and have based the design on a basic vegetable chopping knife/chefs knife hybrid.  I made two sizes thinking that one might make a great bench knife or prep knife.