Sunday, May 18, 2008

It official

Sorry for not blogging. I have been busy and now you will know why.

I am leaving Richmond. I have just accepted a job at Suny New Paltz. I am super excited. I flew up a couple of weeks ago and did a quick interview. I am really honored to get to work with three great metal artists: Jamie Bennet, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray and John Cogswell. Now my life is going to be the madness that is preparing property for sale and rent. I spent all day yesterday putting in a new sink, installing thresholds, patching drywall etc.

If anyone is interested in either properties please let me know. I have talked to a few of you guys out there but I am really looking for a sale. I am trying to rent or sell by early July. I am going to miss Richmond. I have a feeling that Liz and I are going be busy doing all things Richmond before we leave. This means going to the Byrd, Maymont, Pony pasture, Cary town, First Friday, etc. If anyone wants to come along let us know. We gotta get it all done soon.

On another note I just got this book in the mail. Its called BIJOUX: Illustration et Design put out by MaoMao publications. Its all about jewelry designer's and their drawings. Its a huge book, something like 640 pages of full color illustrations and photos. Lots of Awesome folks are in it. I don't know where to buy it yet but you may want to check here. Check it out.