Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Wow. so many things. I don't know where to begin

After a number of home renovations, commissions, workshops and work-work I have put almost everything on hold. We have had a few setbacks that have put a wrench in the works. First, we had an incident at the dog park and our dog was attacked by another dog. It happened so fast and could have been sooooo much worse. I managed to step in and grab her before things escalated but not before the other dog broke our dogs leg. It was horrifying. It was oh so sad and has caused A LOT of anxiety.  Liz has a another major event coming up so it puts me on injured dog duty when I am not at work (which is almost never). It has been a rough week. 

We haven't yet managed to get a vaccine which is frustrating because an awful lot of people seem to be getting it on social media....? No offense, I want everyone to get vaccinated but I think posting an image of getting the vaccine if you don't have an underlying condition or are not a healthcare worker or are not over the age of 65 is like posting an image of you on vacation while the rest of us have been doing our duty not socializing for ten months! Liz's mom, who died almost a year ago now, has yet to have a funeral because of covid. They had to get it on the books so they opted to wait a year. Well it's almost been a year and Liz can't really travel without a vaccine. Sooooo frustrating. 

It has been rough couple months on top of a serious covid scare, I was in bed with a fever of 102 for 48 hours. After not really going out except for groceries, multiple tests, all negative, I am finally on the other side of it. I am not sure what it was but it sucked and I am completely drained. I have not been able to bring myself to post anything and frankly, I don't have much of anything to report. I did however manage to release my CAD flashcards through my site. http://arthurhash.com/ I basically bought a glowforge to lasercut custom packaging and I LOVE IT. I feel like I have been suffering in tech hell for the last six years with my old full spectrum laser.This thing solves almost all the problems I had with my old laser (auto focus, cleaning is a snap, automated material sensing, interior camera, front pass through. Seriously, it is pretty great.  I will have to do a write up later with a full review.  

I also finally install the slab for the counter on the cabinets I installed last year. wha wha whaaaaa