Saturday, September 12, 2020

More exciting things happening

I find myself with way more things to do now that I am not teaching and I am on a little break from the workshops.  I have been trying not to spend too much time on social media.  As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure I am going to cancel my personal facebook account and maybe only have my artist account.  Since my father passed away a number of years ago, the people who were connected to him have been activated on facebook. I am not sure if they know what social media is let alone how it could be useful instead they post hate-speach and misinformation (radical right wing nonsense).  I have tried to engage a number of times with them "Hey I know you, what are you being this way?" Well much like telling my wife to relax, its like throwing gasoline onto a fire!  So instead of wasting time with them I am now removing them from my life, along with all the other nonsense on facebook.  So if you need me I will be here, on instagram OR on twitch!

So a couple of updates!  First we are launching another round of Rhino workshops the intro is almost sold out!  Before that starts up I have been trying frantically to get the studio setup for some free lance modeling jobs I have coming up. So the 3D printer has been a priority. This will be the first time I am using the wash station!  

Also, last week is was my birthday and it was amazing. So much love. A good pal of mine sent me some truffles from the milk bar! (Loring you son of a bitch! I almost ate a whole box by myself!)  Liz bought me a canoe! I made myself a gorilla ring, I got some fancy to-go cocktails form ISCO spirits and there was an awesome zoom gathering!!!

Oh man.  So much love! Thank you everyone!

Work has been crazy busy!  Its like the holiday season is happening now! I am literally cranking out four to fives rings a day!! Bananas! I recently did an insert ring (two bands that receive an engagement ring) and a "copy ring" which is were someone has a ring they love but it is costume jewelry and I have to make it into a "real"  ring. 

We also made pizza and went for a couple hikes here and there. 

Liz has a big virtual event coming up at work 

I am going to try and post more.  I should have a store update soon along with some fundraising/auction items for the fires out west, BLM and of course the ACLU.