Friday, December 7, 2012

Gabriel Craig

 We had a visitor at New Paltz. Gabriel Craig came as part of the SAA (Student Art Alliance) visiting Artist series. It was really nice for Liz and I to have visitors. We rarely have people over. It was also really nice to pick up where we left off the last time we saw him. There is comfort in good people. Memories of home came flashing back into our heads as we talked about other friends and studios and things that are happening in our lives. We also make secret plans for other people. ...."If only so and so were here and we should totally kidnap them one day!" To our surprise and delight he suggested we make bread! He also brought us cake!! Thanks for sharing Gabriel. What a great visit. It was a refreshing re-charge. 
 Just some links to some things going on with Gabriel and Detroit!

Smith shop It is not too late to buy some stuff for the holidays 

 Pony ride so much to see.  

Gabirel Craig and Amy Weiks

Also, I did an interview on Craft Cast!  

Here are a couple of videos to start your day

Fall from jamie scott on Vimeo.