Monday, July 22, 2013

Penland 2013

So, I just got back from Penland where I taught a workshop that was part enameling, part experimentation and part fun.  I have to say that this was one of my better workshops. There was such a positive vibe the entire time and I owe it mostly to my assistant Tanya Crane and all of the amazing students.  Amazing! AMAZING! 

So we started out with the basics.  Where the students learned how to sift, and fire and how the kilns work.  Then we moved into sgraffito, graphite, foil, transparent enamel etc.  Then we did the electrolytic etching and champleve using the vinyl cutter.  Then we silk screened enamels.  Then we did brooch backs and tab settings.  Then we went on a field trip to Ashville to see Hoss Haley's studio, Zack Nobel studio, Andrew Hayes, Amy Tavern, the Blue Spiral Gallery, Crimson Laurel Gallery, 7 ton press (biggest wood cut I have ever seen), and then ice cream in Micaville.  We also were lucky to have brunch at Knife and Fork in Spruce Pine and pizza at the Pizza shop (also in Spruce Pine)

Some of the highlights.....seeing luna moths all around the studio.  De La Soul dance parties.  Seeing old buddies.  Watching Andrew trim the cover of a book on his new shear. Hanging out at Henry's place having an ice cream sandwich party (thank you Amy Tavern). Seeing Hoss and Leslie. Playing video games at Sean and Loring's house.  Getting to talk to Marvin Jensen and seeing his medical instruments in person (mind blowing). Hanging out with Ben Dory and helping him with his pizza addiction (also keeping up with pranking the metal coordinator.  I changed his phone to chinese but then felt bad to I changed it to french). Yelling at Tara Locklear. Rude.  Do your homework Tara.  Seeing Seth Gould's hammer sculpture up on a wall in the pines.  Visiting with Mica Evans in the resident barns seeing his lamp-working and "other stuff" (Oxygen Generator!!! I MUST GET ONE)  Really it was all great! 

It rained almost everyday and parts of the studio flooded but that provided much needed cool air and beautiful sunsets.  It was great.  I had a blast. I am sooooooooo exhausted and now I have to go back to work.  I love being able to break up my year by teaching workshops in the summer.  It is always a creative recharge.  I missed Liz so much and I haven't seen here in two weeks which is probably the longest we have been apart since we have been together.  

So now in no particular order..... photos.  Look for Loring sleeping on two studio chairs.

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