Friday, October 10, 2014


Something came in the mail yesterday.  I can't tell you how thrilled we were to see this.  I will not post the image of Liz's face when she opened the box.  

Veleta Vancza, took my Rhino class at New Patlz a number of years ago to learn laser cutting and CAD. Off and on I would get phone calls from Veleta about Rhino and why it is stupid but awesome.  They were some of the best "tech support" calls I have ever had.  I would trade CAD for enamel knowledge.  

Over the years Liz and I have had the pleasure of being able to see her business grow from the ground up. We miss all of our friends in the Hudson Valley but getting this in the mail was a real treat!  Thanks so much V!  So beautiful.  

Liz let me open the box to do a little photoshoot.  She wouldn't try it on.  "We have to wait for something special!"