Sunday, August 16, 2020

More progress in the studio

Things are buzzing in the studio.  We are getting geared up for our second big house project which is a large platform deck and shed.  I am secretly hoping to make a cozy outdoor hangout spot.  I think it is tough because we need to get permits and city hall has been hit and miss with permitting.  Also I hired a carpenter to help and he is BUSY.  Totally excited though.  

In the studio we hooked up the torch and realized that almost all of the o-rings on the tips were shot.  I found out the hard way and we almost didn't have a studio anymore.  Wha wha whaaa. Smelly burnt arm hair. 

When I went to replace them they basically all crumbled or snapped off.  I have to be honestly getting the o-rings has been difficult.  I went to four welding supply stores in town and none of them had them.  I am trying to shop locally as much as possible.  We have been trying to get our veggies and meats from local farms as well as shopping at the mom and pop hardware stores (recently one of said stores saved our bacon while camping, more on that later)

I have also been installing some LED shop lights and shelves. I also bought a fire cabinet which houses all of our chemicals. I have been wanting/needing one for years.  Having random cans of solvent and IPA floating around always made me nervous.  So now, all safe.  I am also going to install a fire extinguisher near the hood. 

I am getting excited to get back to using the space.  Right now I feel like I am using the space to fix the space.  Honestly We need to now start organizing things.  

Recently Liz and I went camping.....glamping..... 

We haven't been camping in over ten years. Let's just say that we need to plan a little more before we go camping again. I think we were a a lot smaller back then and we, for sure need a bigger tent.  Also we forgot our coffee pot.  That all being said we had a BLAST!

It has been amazing to spend more time with Liz.  I feel like I lost the last ten years of my life to my job so I have a lot of time to make up for!  I think we are going to schedule another camping trip for the fall!!