Thursday, April 30, 2020

studio flooring and other things!

So I am trying to figure out what kind of flooring to put in our new studio. From what I have read online the best and most affordable thing might be VCT (vinyl tile see above!). I have detested this type of floor ever since I moved out of the dorms in college. I feel like EVERY apartment I have ever rented has had this garbage vinyl tile (also every hospital, school and cafeteria).  They always end up peeling up or cracks or just looks crappy. I would normally just stick with the concrete floor but it is going to be freezing in the winter and it is way off level. Also as far as maintenance goes I think it might be the best option. I wouldn't want fancy wood floor because we will for sure mess it up rolling around or dropping something hot. We also don't want tile because of all the grout lines. Also I don't want to chase stones bouncing around.

So our plan right now is to put down a thick vapor barrier, use treated 2/4s and 2/6s to level the floor, put T and G underlayment (probably a high quality OSB), a rubber membrane and then the VCT.

So the question is should we go with the high end luxury VCT (looks like marble or wood) OR should we go with the school gymnasium run of the mill gray.

In other news the 80 amp sub panel is in and we are waiting for our inspection which should be any day now. Yesterday was Liz's birthday which was kind of a happy sad moment so I took her to the beach!  It was of course overcast but lovely.  When things level off we will celebrate properly.  It has been raining like crazy but I guess that is New England for you!

I am also about to launch my first ever online Rhino CAD class.  I will promote here and let everyone know!