Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part two: Walls

Sooooooo just some new developments. I started working on how my booth is going to be set up. I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to have to rent the pipe and drape and also buy the hollow-core doors. They just don't sell that weird y-junction for pipe at Lowes. I remember buying piping for my house that was threaded in 10 foot sections. It would have been perfect if they had that damn junction piece. Oh well I decided to do the doors instead. I reverse hinged them so they are like an accordion. They fold up flat for putting in the car and the stand up by themselves. The next step is to do the vinyl signage. I really want to do white on wood but I don't think it stands out enough. I am going to try and do red maybe. I think I am almost ready I need a few more things. I will post more in part three. I also got in some new postcard/business cards. This is my attempt to streamline my packaging this year, just a card with a brooch on it...... No boxes with batting or tiny zip-loc bags or little stickers. I have decided its a huge waste and generates a lot of trash. This is simple. I will bring a few boxes just in case, but I am going to try not to use them.

New bookmarks/postcards/business cards for ACC
Pipe and drape layout
hollow core doors on hinges
hollow core doors with lights
Possible vinyl signage.