Saturday, December 13, 2014

More work and new adventures

So many exciting things happening here at the end of the semester.  First, my metals students knocked it out of the park!  I am so happy with their final casting projects.  Second, I have been making some breakthroughs in my studio.  I did this at Haystack a while back but I wanted to push it further.  I was asked to participate in a Holiday sale so it was the perfect excuse to test this process more.  Basically, I laser etch the enamel and then use the "trench" of the engraving as a barrier for painting on an overglaze.   I use a 00 red sable brush and a visor to put it on. 

The real jewel in the crown of the semester for me has been discovering a GIANT fabrication center at Appstate.  I have been put to task to develop curriculum to somehow incorporate all of this equipment into classes.  HAH!  I don't think I will have a problem with that.  The only real problem is deciding what to do first.

I was blown away with everything this place had.  From CNC to 3D printing it pretty much had it all.  Honestly, for the first time in a long while I am not sure what I would do with it.  They had injection molders, ultrasonic welders, 3D scanning arms, Haas CNC lathes and mills, a wood shop.  A CNC router with a 10 bit tool changer.  It is bonkers!  So much stuff. It is amazing.