Friday, April 24, 2020

getting ready to launch

I have been working hard with The Bench to launch a series of online CAD courses.  Since I have been laid off I have been hitting all of the projects pretty hard.  The first being the workshops and second the garage/studio reno and the third cooking (old food blog might make a come back)! 

My thought is to have downloadable content that would accompany the live class.  So this would be accessible after the class ends or in-between sessions.  I am acknowledging that people absorb content in multiple ways so I am trying to be ready for everyone. 

So far I have around 30- 40 pages of an interactive powerpoint. I am making animated GIFs for all the tools I am demoing. This will accompany the recorded class sessions. We hope to have this launch in the next week or so.  

I am having some computer issues that I hope to solve soon.  Photoshop just took a massive poop on me and Adobe's answer to my problem need to buy a new computer.  Which is wild because it has been working for weeks now and one morning I woke up and.....the video import tool I had been using no longer works..... three weeks of flawless importing and just stops working.  I am pretty sure its not a hardware issue. 

So now I am in the process of moving everything to the cloud and re-formatting my computer. 

Because of the rain and the cold temps the studio has come to a screeching halt.  We have wired everything and we are waiting on our inspections. I should have more photos on that soon.