Saturday, February 21, 2009

NEW PIECES/small arms dealer

You guys saw these before but I just made a whole boat load more (laser cut black felt). This time they are all different (handguns, machine guns, etc etc). Something fun. I am well aware that it is very "dude" jewelry. For some reason I just had to make them. When my brother and I were little ones we were SUPER into star wars action figures. I think we had like 50 or 60 of them. Mostly I remember being stoked when we got a figure that came with more than one "accessory" aka blaster or for the nerds BlasTech DH-17 or E-11 blaster rifle. For some reason these remind me of those.

In other news, I am still finishing up a bunch of stuff for ACC. Its getting close to that time..... I will be sending out announcemenst sometime this weekend. If you want to be added to the mailing list please email me: arhash(at)gmail(dot)com

small arms dealer
small arms dealer
small arms dealer