Monday, November 9, 2020

New shed area/Friday the 13th

Liz and I made some headway with our shed/deck. It went up pretty fast thanks to the help of some hired guns! We are making it into a outdoor movie area as well. Today I am working on some proper steps.

We are going for the board and batten style to finish it up.  I added a seeding shelf inside so we can get started on future plantings. We put a good single coat of primer and the next move is to put on the battens. 

Also our plan to have the back side an outside movie theatre has become a reality. I think we will be watching friday the 13th tonight!

I have also sold out for the forth time of my h-pattern ring templates. I have already started making more! I am now moving on to other fun things like nesting bur holders. I think I will modify the design so they actually interlock but for now they might make great stocking stuffers just as they are.  I will probably sell them through my instagram shop