Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Drawing tops

There is something about this that I really enjoy. I have been trying to do this in my work for a while now (coffee stains, silhouettes drips etc). Its almost like self generating art or art as a happy accident. To me, the process makes it really easy to identify why a piece is successful. These pieces are made by Thomas Forsyth.

On another note I am really excited about New Years. We are staying in New Paltz and hanging out with with Liz's brother and fiance. So if anyone wants to hang come on up or down or whatever.

Top from Thomas Forsyth on Vimeo.

more laser cutting


Thought I would add some more photos of some more things I have been making for ACC. I hope that everyone has a great new year!!



Saturday, December 27, 2008

new stuff and bacon

So I am gearing up for ACC Baltimore. I have decided to do my own booth this year. I am going to document the process here on the blog. I hope it will be prosperous. I am dumping a lot of money onto it. I have given myself a challenge of using "green-ish" materials to try and offset the impact of the gas/material and waste I am going to use/generate by actually doing the show. Here are a few shots of some new production pieces. They are made from recycled copper flashing and left over felt form previous projects. I am also including some photos from our bacon/meat theme this year for Christmas. These great items can be found at Sweat Meats online. I hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

ACC inventory



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Coffee and design

A while back I was flipping through an issue of dwell magazine. Maybe October, I can't remember. It had a great article on the making of the Alessi 9090 stovetop coffee machine. As a metal worker/designer/coffee drinker I loved it. I thought I would share (click on image to read the article...your welcome). But I also thought I would share some other unique coffee makers. First the Otto espresso. I can't believe this wasn't thought of earlier (it probably was). I love how the handle comes off to open the water reservoir (watch the video). It just seems so nice. I am not sure how I like the bowl that catches the "crema". Also the Handpresso: "Wherever you go and whenever you move, an espresso is always close to hand". Neat little thing. I am not sure that if I am in the middle of the woods how badly I would need a cup of coffee. I guess if I was camping then yeah it would be nice to have a small coffee maker. I kind of just want to try it. The point of this is I LOVE coffee and I would love to at least try either. I am guilty of being a gadget dude. I have yet to find the ultimate coffee machine.

I am also including photos of the SNOW!!!! I can't believe that it is finally snowing!!!

Alessi 9090

Liz's car
10 inches so far

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just wanted to say congratulations to Ross, Aubry and Nikki our BFAs. Here are some images from their show! Good job guys!

Monday, December 1, 2008

work for the holiday!!!

I thought I would add a few links to some places to pick up some of my work for the holidays. Don't forget about my Etsy site.

Test Tiles

This is what I have been doing over break. Freaking test tiles. I got a kiln and a boat load of enamel and have been soooooo excited to actually use it/some. Of course we have to get the formalities over with first. These are just the opaque enamels. Now it is on to the transparent enamels. Some of the enamels are old and not firing properly. They are kind of old. Also we just found out something about the cat. If you put something on the her head she freezes up, hence the cat coaster.

Test tiles
Test tiles
Test tiles
Test tiles
Yes that is a soda can on the cat's head