Thursday, July 31, 2014

The big Boone adventure!

So we have arrived.  Boone, North Carolina! As I have mentioned before I accepted a tenure track position starting this semester to be the area coordinator for Metalsmithing and Jewelry design at Appalachian State University.  

Over the years Liz and I have been semi vocal about how much we are not fans of New York.  Truthfully, we met some incredible people!  Those people have turned into life long friends.  It was painful leaving.   But, deep down inside we always knew that we would never settle in New York.  I think that this ultimately prevented us from ever being happy.  So many things; the taxes, the cost of living, politics, peoples attitudes (including my own) all of this and some other things I will keep to myself sealed the deal.  When it came down to it, moving closer to home made sense. Closer to our family, cheaper cost of living, slower lifestyle, closer to our property, a front porch to hang out on, CHICKENS! We are stoked. 

So on to Boone.

So far so good.  It is amazing.  For some reason we thought it would be HOT but apparently it never gets above 80 degrees "except during rare heat waves". We are quickly settling in.  We just built out our studio and we are unpacking all of our crap.  As of this post we have been her for a five days.  

We barely fit all of stuff into one twenty foot Uhaul and Liz's tribute.  Taco had to be drugged right before we left town.  He kind of freaked out on the trip and started getting a bloody nose in the carrier.  After getting a shot he pretty much spent most of the trip with his eyes rolled back into his head.

I have had the keys to my office for one day now and I am already re-arranging things.  I am now painting and building shelves.  I had to pick from the state approved colors so I picked  "agreeable gray"  which I think will work.  It is agreeable.

We are renting an amazing house which is walking distance to work (all up hill).  It has a chicken coop, a front porch and a bath tub.  You know the essentials.

More later as things unfold.  Right now I am frantic.  I have two shows a lecture and a semester to get ready for.  There are million things to do.

The new adventure begins now!

Here are some shots of the metals studio and my office.