Friday, August 28, 2020


So Liz and I are piloting a new laser cutting service.  As you may recall I was using another company based out of Barcelona! I loved them but the shipping takes a bit. So lately we have been using SendCutSent So far they have been great and I have been very happy with their parts. My only complaint is that the polished stainless is so polished the final product is hard to photograph as it picks up all the fingerprints.  

  As you can see below I have been making these production earrings for a while now.  I am starting to get organized in the new studio and I have the fusion welder setup (I finally organized all of earring findings) .  This will make short work of welding on the earring backs! I am about to update some inventory on the site so check back soon.  Also a portion of all sales will go to a charity of my choosing (probably to help the world heal in one way or another! We need it right now!)

I would highly recommend SendCutSend for any laser cutting project.  I actually need some new house numbers and some panels for the soldering station so I will be placing another order soon!

I am adding new updated images of the studio at the end of the post! Also Liz bought me a canoe as an early birthday prezzy!  Stoked to take it out on the water!