Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SPOON! and magnetic tumbler

  We are forging spoons in my casting class.  I am loving it.  I made this mini spoon mold thinking that it would be cheaper for the students (I made a big one as well).  I also gave them a copper bar to practice on. We learned how to dress hammers and polish the surface of the anvil.  It was a crash course in forging.  

  On another note.  Liz is getting a lot of attention.  She just got picked up by Mora in Asheville and now other people are interested.  She has been in the studio almost everyday! A number of years ago I bought this mini magnetic tumbler.  She loves it, but it is WAY too small.  You can only do one ring or one pair of earrings at a time.  Sooooooo I bought us a HUGE magnetic tumbler.  This thing normally costs $3,000.00 but I found one on ebay for $300!  I clicked but it now!  Then I noticed is was coming from China. Gah.  After coming to grips with the fact that most of the stuff I own probably comes from China, I waited and waited and waited.  The box finally arrived.  It is awesome! It is a great addition to the studio.  We also have a rotary tumbler and now a small mini magnetic tumbler we can use for liver of sulphur (pro tip, you can actually use liver of sulphur in the magnetic tumbler, then you don't have to brass brush!) Bing!