Wednesday, May 28, 2008

please read

I have been trying to make an effort to stop "flipping" through pages or "surfing" for images but actually taking the time to read things. As I am packing up my life, all of my belongings are now boxes and all of my distractions have become pixelated. Somehow I find the time to visit a few of these sites on a regular basis and there is ALWAYS something that makes me think about my work or my field. Anyhoo here are a few places I go:

Conceptual Metalsmithing

Redefining Craft

Extreme Craft

Saturday, May 24, 2008

new house maybe?

Well Liz and I went up to New Paltz to check things out. The rent there is CRAZY. Before we went up we sat down and did some math and figured a mortgage might be the same as rent if not cheaper. So we went house shopping. We looked at about 15 houses in two days!!! My brain was pretty much shot. I am still mentally cataloging the good, the bad and the ugly (This one has bullet holes through the window, this one has a foot of water in the basement, this one needs a new roof, that one doesn't have AC, etc etc etc) Near the end we found the almost perfect house. The only bad part is that it doesn't really have room for a studio.

I gotta say thanks again to Myra and Ken for having us at their place. I know having house guests is a huge pain in the ass. FYI - Ken makes some mind blowing coffee and Myra prepares some tasty meat. I feel like I have been living in a coffee cave all of this time. I think we went to at least four coffee shops in New Paltz and they were all incredible! Richmond needs to get off its ass.
Well So far so good. I am freaking out about all the work I have to do in the next three months to make all of this happen. I have a bunch of repairs to do to both places here before we can rent or sell them. I gotta finish a few things up at VCU, prepare a few things for New Paltz and sell then buy a freaking house. whew. Until then here are some photos of what we are calling "THE house". Check out the awesome checkered porch Cross your fingers. -Out

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

It official

Sorry for not blogging. I have been busy and now you will know why.

I am leaving Richmond. I have just accepted a job at Suny New Paltz. I am super excited. I flew up a couple of weeks ago and did a quick interview. I am really honored to get to work with three great metal artists: Jamie Bennet, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray and John Cogswell. Now my life is going to be the madness that is preparing property for sale and rent. I spent all day yesterday putting in a new sink, installing thresholds, patching drywall etc.

If anyone is interested in either properties please let me know. I have talked to a few of you guys out there but I am really looking for a sale. I am trying to rent or sell by early July. I am going to miss Richmond. I have a feeling that Liz and I are going be busy doing all things Richmond before we leave. This means going to the Byrd, Maymont, Pony pasture, Cary town, First Friday, etc. If anyone wants to come along let us know. We gotta get it all done soon.

On another note I just got this book in the mail. Its called BIJOUX: Illustration et Design put out by MaoMao publications. Its all about jewelry designer's and their drawings. Its a huge book, something like 640 pages of full color illustrations and photos. Lots of Awesome folks are in it. I don't know where to buy it yet but you may want to check here. Check it out.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"I am Gabirel Craig"

Well hello dare. It has been a while. Interesting developments on my end. Some things I can talk about and somethings I can't (I may be able to spill the beans here soon so keep reading). Things are winding down and pretty much over as far as school is concerned. I have have been the busiest I have ever been. There have been shows after shows after shows and I am having a hard time keeping up with all of them. I have had to cancel a few things that I am not too happy about canceling namely ICFF/Designboom. I just felt that if I was to keep my sanity and survive monitarily speaking I has to cancel. It has to do with the thing I can't talk about yet. I may or may not be leaving Richmond. There I have said it. In any case if I do leave I have a house for sale and possibly another space that would have been an awesome live/work/rent space but alas it will make some artist VERY happy. Anyway if you are interested I am sure you have seen all of the photos here on the blog. If you want a personal tour of either space just email me. Moving on...

I have some work in a show that is up right now at the Facere gallery in Seattle
The show is called Signs of Life. Here is the description:
Signs of Life is a contemporary jewelry art show and companion jewelry art catalog/literary journal. The jewelry art show features work by nine artists. The catalog/literary journal pairs these jewelry artists with nine writers in a unique publication that celebrates both literature and jewelry art.

I am also exhibiting with the Sienna Gallery at SOFA NY. Myra Mimlitsch Gray and JAMIE BENNETT will also have work there. If you are in the area please go and check it out.

Finally I have to mention an exhibition I saw yesterday. VCU is having its normal end of the year of shows. One of them:
Gabirel Craig: the narcissist series -rings that know they are great
appealed to me the most.

The work is about itself, jewelry's self importance as a whole and reasons why most people think jewelry is successful. Standing there looking at this "punch in the face" masterpiece all I could ask was "how important is contemporary jewelry?" or more so "why do I feel my jewelry is important?". I had this overwhelming feeling that I was doing something wrong and felt extremely self indulgent by making the work I make. The show inspired me to think more about my work which to me was a huge success and I loved it. Great job Gabriel.

See photo of installation below.

I should have some interesting information in my next post.