Thursday, April 17, 2008

come out and buy my stuff

Haven't posted anything in a while but I promise I will be better after I do these shows and school ends. I have been slammed with house repair, finals, laser cutting, CNC routing, making work, finishing up stuff on the studio so we can move in, doing electrical work on lights and fixtures, fixing digital equipment at school, Going to art openings and end of the year events, sending work off in the mail, etc etc etc. Somehow, in between all of these things I have been making work to sell at this years SPRING BADA BING!! hosted by the Richmond Craft Mafia (I love them ladies). Please click the button in the upper left hand corner for info on where and when. Until then I thought I would give you a taste. Sorry about the bad photos. I think something is wrong with my camera phone or I have just been drinking WAY too much coffee. Gotta get back to work....... see you there.