Saturday, May 17, 2014

TESTED (mythbuster dudes)

I am kind of hooked on these videos right now.  I need to get off the computer!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Final Final Final

So today was my last day of my last class at SUNY New Paltz.  It was kind of bitter sweet. 

I am sad.  The digital class is one of my favorite classes to teach.  I found it strange that in the five years that I have taught at New Paltz I have had an 8:00 AM class EVERY semester.  This semester I had 24 students with a long wait list.  This has to be a record for an early class.  I am looking forward to sleeping in for the first time in years. 

 I have an announcement to make (I already let the cat out of the bag on facebook).  I have recently accepted a position at Appalachian State University to head a metals program in North Carolina.  I am happy to say, at least for a while, I will have a torch in my hand instead of a mouse.  My time at New Paltz has been complicated.  While my relationship with the metals faculty and program has been strong and prosperous, my relationship with New York and other individuals on campus has been tested.  I looking forward to be the master of my domain if you will.  

So while I close this chapter of my life I am opening another and leaving behind an incredible facility, some great co-workers and some super capable students.  Live long and prosper Digi Fab Lab!  

Below are some images from the digitize and accessorize project from the final today. They had to make an accessory for an real life object.  First, they had to CAD model an object that they felt needed to be improved and then using the makerbot array, they had to 3D print an attachable accessory.  It had to fit.  There were a few hairy moments during the crit but I am happy to say that 99% of them worked. 







Monday, May 12, 2014

Allan Scharff

Allan Scharff is one of few. He successfully bridges being both a classic silversmith, an artist and a designer at once based on a more than 40 years long career. The passion for silver grew of an apprenticeship at Georg Jensen where it only seemed natural to also received an education as silversmith in the danish design tradition. Throughout his career Scharff has been designing for Hans Hansen, Georg Jensen and Holmegaard, where his works have received numerous prizes. Several international exhibitions have also been held around Scharff's commended work.  
In addition, Scharff has been elected as an Associate member of the prestigious English Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths – one of only 100 foreign members - which also includes the Danish Queen.
Scharff’s work is functional, aesthetic and often with a touch of humour. By deeply believing in the principle “less is more “ Scharff creates recognisable shapes with as few lines as possible. Fluted lines tell stories by reflecting light and shadows - often with surprising balance and asymmetric solutions. The ambition with every single piece designed and crafted by Schaff is to create a small moment of delight and fun for people everywhere the pieces are being used.

Friday, May 9, 2014

fusing findings

I am still trying to nail down the backs of these pieces with the enamel.  I think these 1mm tubes are very strong with just the enamel and not solder.  I will have to do some stress tests to make sure.  Also I am having some serious pitting/specks in my brand new white enamel.  I can't believe that I am going to have to wash this entire jar!  

image image