Tuesday, July 8, 2014

blog tour!

I hardly ever participate in these things but.... I was tagged by a friend Amy Tavern (AKA Ice cream sandwiches)  to do a "blog tour".  These things always seem like a pyramid scheme.  I am supposed to post three blogs on my blog and then they post three on their blog.....well you get the idea.  It also kind of sucks because I do read Amy's blog a bunch and I can't use her.  Her icelandic adventures would make for an amazing blog post.

The hardest part about this is picking three.  Seriously!? THREE!? If you know me I spend a lot of time in front of this dumb thing called a computer clicking away.  I am pretty sure I spend more time on my computer than most programers.  So much to see.  I could list about a million blogs everyone should read.    

First, a blog I visit daily is http://frankieflood.blogspot.com/  When Frankie Flood is not posting epic videos on motorcycle repair or making 3D printed prosthetics for children he runs and teaches classes in the Digital Craft Research Lab at UW Milwaukee.  He is an amazingly busy person it is kind of insane.  I sometimes think he is a robot sent to earth to make the rest of us look bad.  Take a vacation buddy!

Seriously though amazing things are happening.  Very inspiring.  

Gary Schott makes wonderful kinetic sculptures that are often wearable.  There is an amazing aesthetic that he has cultivated through play.  His posts have been a little thin being that he has just come off of a major kickstarted campaign to build himself a new studio.  When he is not making babies, teaching or building studios he is making beautifully crafted work that begs the wearer and the viewer to interact. 

The third and final blog that we are visiting on the "blog tour" is Harrison Krix's http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/. This blog is full of amazing step by step awesomeness.  I am not a huge fan of cosplay but man seeing this stuff could turn anyone towards the darkside of prop building and attending comic-cons. I would recommend his Daft Punk helmet posts. These days Harrison's blog isn't getting much love being that he has migrated to other social media outlets like facebook.  He does however have an epic fickr photostream

I realize now my blogs are super dude-centric.  I really don't know what that is about.  It is just where my brain is today. 

Here are some other things I look at:


Ahhhhhh too much interneting