Monday, August 8, 2016

The end of summer

Liz and I have been trying to give ourselves a break before school starts by just not doing anything. I don't know who we were trying to kid.  It is like asking someone not to breathe.  After about ten minutes of sitting around we get bored and then start finding things to do. For example, re-arranging the furniture in the house or baking bread.

I have been trying to go up to school to provide input/suggestions to Brian who is re-working parts of the metals studio. We ordered some very nice cabinets and we are installing them in the 3D print room, the sophomore room and the grad room. 

While I was at school I was invited to try out the new HTC VIVE.  It is a new VR head set.  If you have not had a chance to try it or if you find yourself in a position to try it, YOU SHOULD. It is amazing. It is not like the cheapo, slide in your cell phone in the side model. It is full emerson. You can interact with your environment and the handhelds provide some feedback through vibration. I would highly recommend the drawing in 3D space app. It is very intuitive. They trying out some CAD software, which is very similar to sculptris.  So far so good. The unit costs around $800 but you will need a computer with a serious processor and video card to make it work without lag. All of this together and you are looking more at $3,000.00! I was told that it one of the best models on the market.  It compensates for motion-sickness by using 360 degree tracking and chaperone guidance software to keep you from running into a wall. After having the headset on for a few minutes you will quickly understand how amazing this thing is. 

On a completely unrelated note, taco had to have five teeth pulled. Poor little mush mouth. He is already back to his normal self. I will say that his breath has improved immensely. 

 I have been working on some handouts for this upcoming semester. One of my classes focuses on CAD for jewelry. Its has been nice to be able to teach this class on just jewelry for once. It narrows the focus just enough to make real strides in designing curriculum. A lot of the class has to do with designing and visualizing in the software. Basically rendering. I found some books in special collections at the RISD library that are blowing my mind.  One book in particular had hand rendered jewelry from Vienna. 

A couple of days ago Liz and I went to a Portuguese street festival in New Bedford.  It was amazing.  They had an open BBQ pit where you can grill your own food.  You rent these giant skewers and can buy meat or bring your own.  They only sold meat so all of the vegetables and pork and chicken you see in the photo was brought in by each individual BBQ'er.  Liz and I are already strategizing for next year!