Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jennifer Trask

Liz and I had the pleasure of going to Ornamentum last night to see Jenifer Trask's opening titled Vestige, Written in Bone. Fresh off the heals of Schmuck and soon on to a solo space at this year's SOFA NY Jen's new work combines elegant jewelry with a twist ending. Included in the exhibition were pieces made from sewing needles, gold, and bone. Each piece drew me in with a guessing game of how, what and why. "What is that chrysanthemum made of?" "Beaver teeth." "What about that one?" "Penis bone?" "Are those sewing needles?" Personally I would have easily worn any of the jewelry pieces but the larger necklaces which seemed to be made of a wonderful combination of antlers and highly decorative, gold leafed wooded picture frames called out to me. All in all a great representation of her new body of work. Congrats Jenn. Look forward to seeing it at SOFA.