Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I just got back from an epic workshop at Arrowmont.  The workshop focused on making brooches.  Truthfully we could have used at least three more days.  We spent a lot of time on making samples.  We covered enameling, laser engraving, decal printing (we made a zombie mug), framing, fabricating, pin stems, saltwater etching, a little bit of champleve and enameling on 3D forms. The workshop was a great excuse to prep for a history of the brooch lecture. I also reunited with some old friends and made some new ones. Bob Biddlestone, I hope our paths cross soon. I can't say that everyone got to make a fully completed brooch but I am confident that everyone has the tools to make one now. 

Arrowmont much like Penland and Haystack is an amazing place to be.  Downtown Gattlinburg has not lost it's tourist-y charm and Arrowmont continues to be the oasis from that craziness.  My assistant canceled on me last minute (totally not mad, he got a scholarship to Penland to take a class with Simon Cottrell)  I got really lucky and Ben Dory assisted me!  BEN!!

What a great group of people!  Thanks for a great time.