Saturday, July 27, 2013

volpin props

I have been following Harrison Krix (Volpin props) on Flickr for many years now and every time he posts process shots I am blown away. He makes every part by hand with the exception of a laser cutter which he only uses for masking and cutting acrylic displays. I love the holophone from futurama.
Holophonor Final! Hand molding Hand mold Lower accent pieces glued in place Single-coat parts Hex mask Militech Crusher, Final Lower forward casing "Barrel" mold Dividers Squish... Completed Needler Master Mockup Pile o' Flemeth Shoulder, first pass Bright Final Axe Filigree and texture Framed up FINALLY Axe Head Polished Support Support Drilled through! Filigree placement Base denting finished First pass First set of pulls