Friday, December 25, 2009


Hello all! I am up early on Christmas morning to bring you good tidings and a new posting. I thought as a fun project I would post some images of artists "working view" I asked everyone to send a photo of their "space". This might be the gym, the studio, the library or even their kitchen. Anyhoo, I got a few back and it is a great start but I am awaiting for more. If you would like to share your "working view" please send your images to with the subject "working view". I would also like to thank Suzanne Pugh for a little something something. I will hopefully spill the beans on this in the new year.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

hello hello hello

I have been really bad about posting. Everyone says that but things have been that busy. I have been helping Jen Woodin, a new hire here at SUNY New Paltz to set up our Digital Fabrication Lab. It has been a slow start but finally things are on a roll. The students are finally printing on the 3D printer. The laser cutting has been cutting and the space has been evolving. I just went over there and cleaned up to get ready for an impromptu photo shoot. So I should have photos up on the blog very soon. On another note......

I have been frantically finishing everything up for the semester. I still have a boat load of grading to do and about a million SNAG applications to sort. Somewhere in the mix I went to the BFA metals thesis shows. I got a few pics before people started showing up. I couldn't shoot everybody's work, mostly because people kept jumping in the way of my camera to get a closer look. I guess that is a good thing. I just wanted to give a nod to my students and all the hard work they put into their shows. Congrats Ladies!