Monday, January 5, 2009

Objectified Felt!!!

Just got some fabulous felt in from Filzfelt (Girl in the green dress)


Filzfelt order came in.  Time to make some jewelry.

Also the new trailer for Objectified just came out. I am sooooooo stoked. I loved Helvetica.

dogs pooping

Thought I would post some images of some new pieces. I am still trying to master basic enameling. These really fast pins I thought would be a good place to start (white enamel on 18 gauge copper). I had made some stickers of these a while back and never got around to making actual jewelry form the silhouettes. Anyhoo, I hope everyone is sticking to their new year resolutions. I haven't. :)

White dogs pooping

More ACC stuff (dog pooping brooch)