Friday, September 5, 2014

more things

   So just few more things. I am making few stick on wearables for the faculty show tonight in Boone.  I have also been working on the studio a bit (school).  With some help from the tech we made a big flat steel plate stand which I hope will serve us well considering there are no large flat surfaces in the studio.  I am also excited to report that I have started to acquire the parts to our meat press one piece at a time and the handle and the gasket came in the other day.  That means that we will have sausage soon! My birthday just passed and Liz unfortunately had to leave the next day for a trip and left me all alone with the cats. Luckily there is plenty of beer and food for us.  Zoe, the neighbors dog loves the cats but I am not sure if the cats have quite figured out what to do.  Taco has never seen a dog before so he is totally perplexed/mesmerized.  

On a side note I had a solo show that I unfortunately could not attend. Ugh.  I know super lame.  I am a bad person.   With the new job, it has been hard to break away.  I will keep posting images of things as they happen.