Monday, May 18, 2015

Big announcement!

Image of test mock up for my piece in Placement at the Reinstein Ross gallery

Liz and I have a big announcement to make.  Before I get to that I wanted to say that our time here in North Carolina has been majestic, tasty and overall incredible. Boone is an incredible place. It has a small town feel with a lot of incredible people living here. Being that my ancestors settled just two hours north of here really made this place feel like home to me. Being so close to Penland has been amazing. We have re-connected with people I had not seen in many years. Asheville always seems to be a buzz of metal activity. So many things going on all the time. I really think this is a great, safe, beautiful place to live.

I have never met a more passionate group of people than the instructors that work in the Fine Arts department here at App. Maybe because they have to work that much harder in order to be seen/heard here in the mountains of North Carolina. Maybe it is because they care that much more about their students. Maybe, somewhere in the job description it says "must be more passionate and sincere than everyone else". Because of all of this, it really has been a pleasure working here and it makes it is that much harder to let it go. 

I have been offered and I have accepted a full time teaching position at the Rhode Island School of Design. When a once in a lifetime opportunity of this magnitude comes around it is hard to pass it up. I am truly honored and excited to work with the faculty at RISD and look forward to the future. 

We will be around Boone for a large part of the summer but then we will be making swift moves to get everything shoved in a moving truck and on the road.    

I hope to see some of you at SNAG this week.