Monday, November 10, 2008

GOOD morning.

cold cold cold must have coffee

Man I am soooooo morning person. I get up around 6 or 7-ish and feed the cats, let the dog outside, make the coffee, start a fire so we can keep warm, feed the dog, feed myself, poop, check the email and if I am lucky blog about something.....anything. I thought I would throw in a photo of the studio just to remind me to do work today. I think I may have solved my enamel on steel problem with "Hot Sifting" haven't tried it yet but I gonna get to it right after I chase the dog away from my pumpernickel bagel. FYI Liz actually fell asleep with her finger on her nose like that.

Good Morning Cat!
goodmorning cat
Good Morning other Cat!

Good Morning Wood stove

Good Morning Nose Picker.

Good morning computer and coffee

Get your paws off my bagel!

Good morning messy bench