Sunday, July 8, 2012

all kinds of crazy stuff!

Oh man..... So it has been a long time since I posted.  I have been just completely swamped with a million and one things and adding to the blog is the last thing on my mind.   Here is what I have been doing for the last seven weeks or so.

1. Serving on the OPC (Online Presence Committee) helping launch the new SNAG website in time for the SNAG conference in Phoenix
2. Working at SUNY.  Re-upping the metals studio.
3. Finishing up pieces and sending them out for shows (enamel inlay badges, photos below)
4. Working in the Digi Fab Lab over the summer (installing equipment, buying and stocking material)
5. Getting ready to teach a workshop at Arrowmont (Green studio practices)
6. Getting ready to go to Oslo (visiting artist)
7. Visiting my Mom back home after her knee surgery
8.  Going to dinner parties, Having dinner parties, eating dinner.  Yelling at the cats.
9. Moving, Unpacking, and settling in to our new place in Rifton.  (being closer to Kingston)
10. Buying a new kiln. (have yet to fire it up)
11. Fixing my computer (dropped in a new solid state hard drive)
12. Practicing enameling for my enameling class next semester (so many things I have not done in so long  cloisonne, plique-a-jour, champleve etc)
13. working on a commemorative coin for the village of New Paltz (I will post about this later)
etc etc etc etc

I know this seems lazy but here are a boatload of photos of all that stufff

IMG_7696 IMG_7697 IMG_7730 IMG_7731 IMG_7736 IMG_7737 casting rack casting rack IMG_7650 casting rack casting rack IMG_7698 IMG_7682 IMG_7681 IMG_7608 IMG_7614 IMG_7616 IMG_7620 IMG_7619 IMG_7715 IMG_7714 IMG_7713 IMG_7711 IMG_7716 IMG_7718