Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tanel Veenre

Last night Liz and i went to see a show at Ornamentum in Hudson. It was really just an excuse to get out of the studio. I also used Liz to test drive a brooch. Its funny how many things you can learn from a test drive. Anyhoo, It was our first time back to Ornamentum since they had expanded into the space next door. The work was by an Estonian jeweler by the name of Tanel Veenre. The work itself is what I believe to be a of mix of trompe l'oeil and new collage. The materials seemed familiar (sugar coated enamel, polished stone and marble) when in reality they are not. They were made from crushed graphite, cast resin with embedded feathers simulating marble or agate. The pieces were generally large but quite light and wearable. The catalogues for the exhibition were incredible. I was lucky enough to receive a limited edition book/print/poster (Thank you Tanel). The presentation of the work was great. Muted colors brushed on the walls with what appeared to be small hand drawn numbers complete with serifs and decimal points. Excellent. I also have to say that the rest of gallery sparkled as usual. Thanks you guys.