Saturday, January 30, 2016


This has been what I have doing for the last month. 

If you are in or around the Providence area you should stop by and see it. 

The exhibition dates are January 29th through February 21st. 

A little about he setup:

The legs/skirt, discs and other display elements were laser cut using a local company (Precision laser). Bud Segal, a big supporter of RISD did a great job cutting everything. The J&M faculty and students also did an amazing job setting up the show this past week. Big thanks to Tracy Steepy and Robin Quigly and the entire J&M crew for making this all happen.

A little about the wood:

RISD has an amazing rare woods collection that is in an environmentally controlled area on campus. A lot of the wood in the collection is massive and would be hard to find today. The main piece we used was a 13' x 36" x 4" piece of solid mahogany.  We were allowed to use the wood only if we promised not to damage it in any way. This made securing the work somewhat complicated.  We managed to get everything tied down secured in time for the show. 

Special thanks to the gallery director and all of the assistants who had to deal with us in the gallery. They put up with so much.  "A little to the left.... A little to the right...." Great crew! 

I am just adding a few process photos to see how it all came together.  At the bottom you can see all of the images just before we opened the doors. If you want to see a virtual tour of the show check out the flicker slide show at the top.  

More info here

Brian Bergeron put together a selection of CAD work for the show. We got a little love on the Rhino blog