Tuesday, June 10, 2008

oh man

So I was going to write about a metals show I saw by the senior metals students at VCU but my freaking basement flooded last night!!(no worries. I will write about it later).

So far there is no structural damage (cross your fingers) the bad news is that Liz and I were packing our studios to go to New Paltz and all of the boxes were on the floor down there!! I was told by the city that "someone" forgot to turn off my service before they purged the main line. They have been working on the water in Jackson Ward for about two months now and it has been a complete mess. I was told that in the course of one day all of the water from the main line followed my service line and emptied into my basement. So I am spending most of the day today cataloging tools and such that got ruined so I can make a claim. I am also kind of posting this as a time line just in case for insurance purposes. I have some great shots on my other camera. Liz kept yelling at me to stop taking photos and start saving my stuff (check the bottom of the stump for a water lever reference). Here are the ones I got off while she wasn't looking: