Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New work....

some work that I am doing...or trying to do, in between life and other things.



Sunday, March 22, 2009

SNAG is coming

Just saw this via Doug Bucci's blog

REVOLUTION, the 2009 Society of North American Goldsmiths conference, will take place
May 20-23rd in Philadelphia, birthplace of the American Revolution. Revolution can be
defined in many ways: a sudden change; a movement against a current situation; the
actions of individuals or groups of individuals "revolutionaries." On SNAG's 40th anniversary,this conference will provide the critical context to consider the future of our profession,provide us the opportunity to reflect upon our history, and ultimately celebrate the independent thinkers and decisive movements that ensure change, growth and evolution in our discipline.

Philadelphia is not only known for the Declaration of Independence and the first Capitol,but it is also a city of firsts in the Arts; opening the first art school and art museum in America, and the first and oldest Diamond District in the United States. The city continues its revolution in arts education, as Philadelphia contains three major art schools with three historically strong and distinctive metals programs: TheUniversity of the Arts, Tyler School of Art/Temple University, and Moore College of Art & Design.

The conference will take place in the Loews Hotel, a National Historic Landmark which was Howe & Lescaze's 1932 PSFS (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society) building. This building is widely considered the first International Style skyscraper, and is a dramatic setting for our gathering.

From Independence Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia has much to
explore and enjoy, and is the perfect setting for SNAG 2009. We have an exciting program of speakers and exhibitions that investigates and provokes dialogue, surrounding REVOLUTION from both historical and contemporary perspectives. We hope to see you in May 2009.

For more information: www.snagmetalsmith.org

Doug Bucci & Vickie Sedman
SNAG 2009: Philadelphia Conference Co-Chairs
January 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

spring break!!!!

Agelio Batle. I met this guy at ACC back in 2007 when I was a searchlight artist. I love his work!!! It is great!! I thought I would post images of my favorite pieces. You have probably seen some of his work here and there and didn't realize it. He makes these AWESOME graphite sculpture pencil things (hand, gun etc). I am proud to own one of his twig resin neck pieces. Check out the six pack marble container. Also I am totally jealous of his incredible home and studio!!! Anyway go to his website and Check it out. Also check out the San Francisco Chronicle article.

Sooooo we are on spring break right now......annnnnnnnnd if anyone cares I started some new one of a kind work here here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marc Newson

All this via Core77
One of my heroes. I used to drool over Marc Newson's work. I still do sometimes. I just found this BBC series. Get some popcorn they are around 10 min each.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man Oh man oh man oh man. I just got a vacuum former!! Just about the coolest thing ever!! No time to blog gotta mess with this thing!!

Vacuum former

Vacuum former

Vacuum former

Vacuum former

Vacuum former

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gallery round Two

Round two. I am in the process of doing gallery visits and writing about them on the blog. This whole virtual world is a little 2D for me so going to all these galleries and actually touching the work is a mind blowing experience to say the least....Thanks again to all the galleries for letting me photograph their spaces and all of the great work!

Soooooo Liz and I took a day trip to Hudson to check out a show and to visit Ornamentum. Ornamentum was founded in 2002 by Stefan Friedemann and wife Laura Lapachin. Ornamentum "gallery represents a collection of pieces of conceptual jewelry. ornamentum gallery focuses on contemporary jewelry designers who are working beyond our traditional understanding of jewelry as ornamental, showcasing pieces that explore sculptural forms, new materials and approaches."via Designboom. The gallery is located on Warren Street which is the main strip in downtown Hudson. Conveniently, Hudson is only an hour from New Paltz. The space is currently undergoing a expansion/renovation which will include a larger gallery space for one of a kind openings.

Ornamentum has a familiar feel where glass topped cases crown pull out drawers that house wonderful rings necklaces and brooches. Above these showcases are backboards for larger necklaces and brooches. Over all the gallery was very clean and perfect for all of the stunning work housed within.

After I introduced myself Stefan started showing us some work. We had a great time touching things, inspecting solder seams, trying pin backs and lifting pieces for weight etc etc etc. I think were were in there for at least 40 minutes just looking prior to touching. Stefan pulled out one of Ted Noten bags, which was really nice to see up close (a lot lighter than I thought). We also saw some of his larger neck pieces (Marble necklace and one made with a small bug collection). I was really captured by Lisa Gralnick's work, her gold brooches and rings specifically. Incredible detail. All of those little facets and cuts, sigh....I don't know how she can do it. Seeing her work makes me feel like I just gorilla fist my way through making. I was also delighted to see Gerd Rothman's finger print series. Stefan was wearing one of his rings. He let us in on the fingerprint making process which is pretty interesting in itself. If you want the scoop you will have to visit the gallery and ask Stefan himself.

Liz and I could have stayed in there all day. I just wanted to say thanks to Stefan for showing us around. I can't wait for the expansion.

We also ate at the Red Dot with Myra and Ken. If you are in Hudson EAT THERE! I had the fish and chips, Liz had the Lamb, Ken had the scallops and Myra had muscles. All GREAT!! We also had some killer coffee and pudding at the end.









Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have had a bunch of work to do but I thought I would pause and blog for a moment. I wanted write about what I thought of the show. There was this strange nervousness in the air. I think the exhibitors were not sure what to expect and rightly so. When I arrived for the retail only section I could tell that some of the wholesale people were not happy. I think I heard the words "dismal" and "ghost town" multiple times. I can't speak for the wholesale but I think the retail was just slightly lower than before. I did about the same as when I was a searchlight artist two years ago.

Sometimes I don't feel like that sales are as important than the people. On average, everyone had a great positive attitude. I think it was kind of a "we are all in this together" thing. Which was kind of comforting. I had a great time. I think Liz had a great time. I talked to a lot of folks I had not seen in years. Truthfully, I wish I had more time to talk to people that came by my booth. I started having a conversation with Bruce Metcalf about micro economics and Etsy but my booth got swamped. I also wanted to talk with Gabriel Craig who was there doing interviews for an upcoming project but again I kind of got sidetracked. Andrew Wagner and Monica Hampton came by which was great! Andrew did the interview from my previous posting. I think the best part of the show was the metals searchlight artists. I love all of them. If I could have, I would have hung out with them the whole time. I loved all of their work and wanted to buy all of it. I did a couple of really great trades. I am pretty sure I would have traded my whole booth if I cold have. I also ran into two folks that I was excited to meet in person. First Annie from Imogene and Allison Fomich from Tiger Lilly. I also ran into a bunch of old friends like Jeff and Susan Wise, Biba Schulz and Sam Shaw.

All in all I had a blast. I made enough money to pay for the trip and the booth so I am happy. I told someone that I didn't think I would do the show again but hey at this point I would totally come back. I am leaving you with photos of all the wonderful work by the searchlight metals people.

ACC highlights!! search light!

ACC highlights!!

ACC highlights!! stacey lee webber

ACC highlights!! stacey lee webber

ACC highlights!! stacey lee webber

ACC highlights!!
ACC highlights!!

ACC highlights!! maya kini

ACC highlights!! maya kini

ACC highlights!! jennaca davies

ACC highlights!! jennaca davies

ACC highlights!! Amy Tavern!

ACC highlights!! IMOGENE!

ACC highlights!! Natalya Pinchuk

ACC highlights!! Biba Schultz

Monday, March 2, 2009


just walked in the door. I swear I will post photos soon. Here is some shameless self promotion

The wanderous

ACC video


I have a bunch of photos to show you guys but I. Am STILL on the road. Blog soon

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