Monday, November 9, 2020

New shed area/Friday the 13th

Liz and I made some headway with our shed/deck. It went up pretty fast thanks to the help of some hired guns! We are making it into a outdoor movie area as well. Today I am working on some proper steps.

We are going for the board and batten style to finish it up.  I added a seeding shelf inside so we can get started on future plantings. We put a good single coat of primer and the next move is to put on the battens. 

Also our plan to have the back side an outside movie theatre has become a reality. I think we will be watching friday the 13th tonight!

I have also sold out for the forth time of my h-pattern ring templates. I have already started making more! I am now moving on to other fun things like nesting bur holders. I think I will modify the design so they actually interlock but for now they might make great stocking stuffers just as they are.  I will probably sell them through my instagram shop

Monday, November 2, 2020

Trying to keep the anxiety at bay with rando projects

Not too much to report over here. Things are busy at work and in the studio. I am trying to keep my mind off the election by staying busy. I think that depending on the results it will be blamed on 2020. In studio news the H-Pattern ring templates are sold out....again (we raised over $400 for the ACLU!). I need to make more. I am really surprised how popular these are. I am also working on multiple digital centric projects (soon to be revealed. There is a "hint" photo below see if you can guess what the project is)  Liz and I have been trying to get out and go for a walk in the ourselves.... which has been nice but also eerie now that most of the leaves are on the ground. 

We had a very adult halloween, we basically stayed home, wore our costumes and ate candy while watching a scary movie.  Basically we were adulting and being covid responsible (no, we didn't give out candy nor did we get anybody ringing the door bell YEAH US!). We were going to go as Wanye and Garth from Wanye's World but I decided to back out at the last minute and go as a jedi ("Garth Vader!) Both outfits needed some crafting/mending so I had to dust off the old sewing machine and vinyl cutter! Not much jewelry being made at this time. I am however enjoying being in the studio when I am not at work or working on the house. 

Liz is still working from home, often all bundled up on the couch. She is in healing mode after working so hard on her event at Metalwerx. I think it nearly broke her. Actually every year it nearly breaks her. IT IS SO MUCH WORK!!!! I am sure I am only hearing a fraction of what is actually going on. I just get the tip of the iceberg. It seemed like everyone loved it but it was overwhelming at times.  Personally with these crazy times upon us people need to curb their expectations and dial everything back across the board. 

We had a significant dusting of a couple of inches which has frozen our shed project in its tracks. Wha wha whaaa. As soon as it thaws out we will get back to it.    

Be well out there. 


Sunday, October 25, 2020

Breaking ground on the shed, local trips so we don't go insane, building a new printer and voting!


Things that happened this week:

One of my bracelets was acquired as part of the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt.  I did an interview to go along with the work.  I also have posted two brooches for sale on my site if anyone wants or can't live without an Arthur Hash brooch

I dug out and leveled an area for our new shed near our newly built party platform.  Unfortunately, we are in a little bit of a holding pattern. There is a serious shortage of wood! I am kind of blown away. We had to make a special order to be delivered to the house via a flatbed. We also can't even get screws to finish the decking. The deck is only %70 screwed down! I am a little worried about warpage in the cold. 

The state is requiring everyone to get tested for COVID so signed up and did a drive through test.  It took about twenty minutes and was very organized.  Kudos to all the people who are working the lines (seriously awesome, thank you). I think they touched my brain with the q-tip! Hah!

I bought and assembled a new FDM printer an Ender 3 v2 (so far so good.) It took about an hour to put together and after a few minor adjustments it seems to be printing like a dream.  I have a few complaints/concerns but they are VERY minor for a $260!):

  • You have to transfer files from your computer via a micro SD card. In and out, in and out, in and out.  I am pretty sure over time that something is going to break. I maybe I haven't found it yet but I wish there was a direct link to the machine via USB or bluetooth or something. 
  • It is VERY quiet, almost too quiet.  As in I sometimes I forget it is running then them reach across the desk bumping into it ruining a long print. 
  • It has a heated build platform which helps with bed adhesion. I have not had a problem with the part not sticking to the build platform...yet (I guess that is a thing from what I have read online). 
  • I have not yet really tested the machine. It used the Ultimaker slicing software which seem super robust and easy to use. I have no idea what the supports look like so I am going to do a large complex print tonight and see how it does. I am going to start with a large flat part to see if the part pulls off the bed. 
Oh yeah and we voted!

I hope everyone is doing well out there! 

Monday, October 5, 2020

New covid mask

I am working on a new covid mask.  I have managed to grab a quick simple 3D scan of my face to boolean out the mesh for an almost perfect fit. I am will affix cloth to the inside of the mask once I get it just right. So far it fist like a glove but I need to reposition the lugs for straps.  So far so good. I think I might do a me mask after this one (as in process the mask for someone to wear my face on their face.