Monday, November 2, 2020

Trying to keep the anxiety at bay with rando projects

Not too much to report over here. Things are busy at work and in the studio. I am trying to keep my mind off the election by staying busy. I think that depending on the results it will be blamed on 2020. In studio news the H-Pattern ring templates are sold out....again (we raised over $400 for the ACLU!). I need to make more. I am really surprised how popular these are. I am also working on multiple digital centric projects (soon to be revealed. There is a "hint" photo below see if you can guess what the project is)  Liz and I have been trying to get out and go for a walk in the ourselves.... which has been nice but also eerie now that most of the leaves are on the ground. 

We had a very adult halloween, we basically stayed home, wore our costumes and ate candy while watching a scary movie.  Basically we were adulting and being covid responsible (no, we didn't give out candy nor did we get anybody ringing the door bell YEAH US!). We were going to go as Wanye and Garth from Wanye's World but I decided to back out at the last minute and go as a jedi ("Garth Vader!) Both outfits needed some crafting/mending so I had to dust off the old sewing machine and vinyl cutter! Not much jewelry being made at this time. I am however enjoying being in the studio when I am not at work or working on the house. 

Liz is still working from home, often all bundled up on the couch. She is in healing mode after working so hard on her event at Metalwerx. I think it nearly broke her. Actually every year it nearly breaks her. IT IS SO MUCH WORK!!!! I am sure I am only hearing a fraction of what is actually going on. I just get the tip of the iceberg. It seemed like everyone loved it but it was overwhelming at times.  Personally with these crazy times upon us people need to curb their expectations and dial everything back across the board. 

We had a significant dusting of a couple of inches which has frozen our shed project in its tracks. Wha wha whaaa. As soon as it thaws out we will get back to it.    

Be well out there. 


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