Thursday, July 16, 2020

Pocket knives etc.

I am still on a quest to find/make the ultimate pocket knife/folder. I have tried to make a few in my time but I have failed miserably (see images below)

I need to take a class. If anyone knows a good one to take or wants to do an online hangout or something I am on board!!

In the mean time I lost my last pocket knife. I never break them I always loose them which sucks because they are getting expensive. So my last knife was a kershaw launch 4 which is a nice auto open knife. My only complaint was the blade shape. Not my favorite (Spear point/drop point wedge thing). That all being said I would often forget I had it on me....again not a great feature. Also the spring was so tight it would often fly out of my hand and I would often stab myself trying to recover it. 

So I recently discovered the James Brand knife company based out of Portland Oregon. Love them. I ended up buying a Folsom with a half serrated drop point (The serrated edge is a must for me). I will have to report back on the how the knife works "in the field" AKA my studio/rando house tasks. I am a big fan of the packaging and the small attention to detail with the green lanyard hole and the triangular thumb hole. The packaging was CNC'd and lasered and it came with a nice felt pouch which I probably will never use.

This is just a quick plug... probably. This product review stuff might not be a regular thing but.... I just thought I would plug a small company that is making a nice product. So if you are in the market for a nice knife.....